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RETRO BBQ Services for Weddings and Events



If you would like a retro BBQ for your wedding catering then we are happy to provide our services.


If you would like your BBQ to be Basic and Retro, Rustic or Kitch, Quirky or Vintage, Bohemien or Festival style then we are happy to help.


Our BBQ Services

Each of our BBQ services include a BBQ Service Charge of £300 which includes 2 x BBQs, Equipment, Table, Gazeebo (if required) and any Decorational items to suit your theme including props,  Hampers, Bunting. This £300 also includes of Vintagely attired Chefs.


Each of our BBQ Services are for a 3 hour duration at a time to perfectly suit your event. We are self contained and will leave your venue clean and tidy.




Bespoke BBQ Menus

Our Menus can be chossen by you, we would arrange to meet up and discuss your food preferences . To give you an idea on Food Prices please see here : 4oz Burgers £1.50 per head / 4oz Cumberland sausages £1.50 per head / Burger Rolls and Finger Rolls 20p each

1 tray of Caramalised onions £20 for up to 80 people.


We can also provide some bowls of salad (£15/kg)  and potatoe salads (£11/kg)  Also Coleslaw (£12/kg) (1kg feeds about 20 peoples portions.)


We also love to add little personal touches to our day, to suit your theme ofcourse. Some nice things we have provided in the past are; We can fill some jam jars with beans and leave little spoons for guests to help themselves , we could also fill jam jars with condiments/sauces for you and label them up.



Personalising your BBQ

We like to be creative with the traditional BBQ, perhaps to suit your theme or we can help with a theme if you would like us to. You might be having a 1920s gatsby event/wedding, a Retro Rock n Roll 50s Event , or maybe a Rustic Country Garden Wedding. So whether you would like Hamper Baskets, Floral Bunting, Gingham Blankets, Squirty mustard and ketchup bottles, Jam Jars filled with baked beans, Apple Crates full of condiments or Sauces in Flowerpots then we are happy to help.


Simply email us or call us to discuss your BBQ Requests..



Our Vintage Lovelies

We can also help serve your guests with our lovely Vintage Hostesses, lovingly named Vintage Vanity Lovelies' they will continue to help with serving your guests making sure everyone gets a helping of BBQ and also clearing everything away again for you. They wear themed clothing to suit your BBQ Theme and are £50 each for a 3 hour service.


Cutlery and Crockery

We have a few options for these, please feel free to ask for more details. We can provide plastic and or Paper Plates, or Floral / Gingham Patterned Plates as well as a range of different plastic knives and forks.

We also have the option of provide China Crockery and serving dishes as well as Vintage Crockery and spoons.



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