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Vintage Caravan Hire


We can provide our Vintage Caravan for your event or wedding. We will drive her to your location and provide everything that you need including the Bunting, Vintage Props, Umbrellas, Hamper Baskets, Deck Chairs, Table Cloths, Flowers, Blankets and Signs.


Our lovely caravan will look splendid in your photographs especially at a Vintage Wedding to express nostalic charm of days gone by.


Our Vintage caravan is a perfect anchor point for large groups, for example you could provide your Order of Services from here, She could be your photograph meeting point, your Favours can be given from here or you could even use her as your own DIY photobooth.


She is ideal for photographs of your wedding party, please see Bride and Groom and Bridesmaid and Bride shots from inside our Caravan below.


She is also perfect for some alone time as newly weds, to enjoy each others company in a charming and peaceful location.


We can also provide our other services from our Vintage Caravan... including our Pop Up Drinks Stations, Our Afternoon Tea Parties and Our Cake Buffets, please ask for details.



Prices start from £300 to hire her, please let us know your requirements and we would be happy to help.

Feel free to contact us for more details.
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